Shake it Off

Alright, which of the gods hate me?  The one night I finally fall asleep like the damn Disney princess I know is inside of me somewhere yearning to be free and  EARTHQUAKES.ALL.NIGHT.  In my ten years living in LA, I've never been woken up by an earthquake.  I'm the girl that sleeps through the earthquakes. ... Continue Reading →


Call me ambitious, call me competitive.  Some of my favorite moments in life revolve around sports.  There's nothing quite like the glory that comes with a Grand Slam or a photo finish.  I can still remember standing in a bar in Chicago watching Michael Phelps win the 100 m butterfly in Beijing by one one-hundredth... Continue Reading →

Never say Never

I was looking through my high school yearbook the other day because I'm a nostalgic masochist and I noticed something beyond the fact that somebody should have introduced me to tweezers sooner.  There's this phrase written several dozen times:  Never Change.  Huh?  Forgive me, but what a stupid thing to say.  And yet it's scribbled... Continue Reading →

Seat Taken

There are people out there who don't like me.  Crazy right? (Kidding)  We all have our haters.  I consider myself a fairly mature adult and there is still drama in my life and surrounding me that is comparable to kindergarten playground showdowns.  Call me a fool, but I had some magical notion that people would... Continue Reading →

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