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There are legends of heroes and gods, which centuries have turned into nothing but shelved stories. But what if disbelief is the very thing that allows them to exist?

In Faith, South Dakota, Aurora Elston’s world has turned upside down as she copes with the death of her father. Imagine her surprise when she learns he isn’t dead and he isn’t her father. Aurora’s eyes are opened to a realm of existence she has been kept from her entire life when she is told she has been hidden on earth because of a prophecy that reveals she will cause an apocalypse. Questions pile up and the dark and mysterious Aristotle, who says he’s been sent to protect Aurora, isn’t giving up any answers. Determined to prove her fate wrong, Aurora seizes her true destiny and fights for the lives of those she loves, old and new, as well as her own. Little does she know, she’s not alone in her quest for self-discovery…

Across the Atlantic, Bryce Quinn is a star athlete, wiz kid, and medical anomaly. Sole survivor of a ferry boat crash, he lives with his adopted parents in Dublin, Ireland. Lately, however, he’s been feeling sick and having unusually vivid dreams of a girl who needs his help. He blacks out and wakes up to realize he’s been kidnapped. Faced with facts he can’t deny, Bryce learns the hard way that his life has been one giant lie after another and the people who raised him aren’t who they say they are. Left with no one to trust but his own abductor, Bryce embarks on a journey to find answers and the girl haunting his dreams.

The adventures of Aurora and Bryce interlace as they uncover truths about themselves in a newfound reality where anything is possible. It will change everything they’ve ever known, the world, and its survival. At just over 98,000 words, DIVINE ORIGINS is the first installment of THE BLOODLINE CHRONICLES, a young adult urban fantasy and science fiction series based on the legends of the Greek gods.


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