Live to Love

Watching Chocolat while on Whole30 was probably a bad idea.  Also, what even was that movie and how was it nominated for an Oscar?  What I wouldn't do for a Caramello right now.  Mmmmm...nom nom nom.  I have been informed by a friend that I talk in my sleep and that even then, I'm sarcastic. ... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Brightside

First of all, I must apologize for the maniac who wrote last week's post.  Good lord, someone put that nightmare in a cage.  She has been dealt with.  (sigh) I'm thinking I'll be less stressed in 2026...when I'm 43.   HAHAHAHA....omg.  Anyways, here we are.  Lots to discuss.  Some lifestyle changes, some groping, a bit of... Continue Reading →

Till it’s Gone

Ah, yes.  It's that magical time of year between Christmas and NYE when I have no idea what day or time it is and spend the majority of my waking hours in pjs.  It's basically a week of pre-approved and socially accepted childhood.  Growing up was such a bad move on my part. My microwave... Continue Reading →


It's official.  The cactus I thought was coming back to life took a turn for the worst and is dead.  This is why I can't have nice things.  So add cactus killer to my resume.  And I'm allergic to dogs.  Can you believe I'm single?  I'd like to volunteer for a redo please.  I'll take... Continue Reading →

Dog Days are Over

Yesterday was fun.  I got 61 pricks on my back at the allergist.  If you don't know my history with needles, here's a brief synopsis.  When I was four years old, my brother tripped me and I fell and cracked my head open on a hearth just below my right brow-bone by my eye.  This... Continue Reading →

Life in Retro

I don't know how any of you are doing but Mercury is in retrograde and whether you believe in that kind of stuff or not you gotta admit - things have been a little weird lately.  I don't even feel like half of the people I talk to these days have any idea what I'm... Continue Reading →

As You Wish

I never pass up an opportunity to make a wish.  If that makes me juvenile, so be it.  I have enough wishes to fill the Pacific.  I throw coins in fountains, I blow away my eyelashes, I drive through yellow lights, I wait for the clock to show all the same numbers and I genuinely... Continue Reading →


There is a book that says if something in your life doesn't bring you joy, you need to get rid of it.  I thought about this for quite some time and then I swear I heard a bunch of Disney villains laughing in the distance.  Joy is a powerful word.  It is triumph, it is... Continue Reading →

Funny Girl

I like to laugh.  Call it deflection, call it free therapy, call it what you will but I like it.  I like it A LOT.  I also get insane amounts of happy making other people laugh, which is how I became wrapped up in improv.  The moment someone discovers I do comedy, I have put... Continue Reading →

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