Viva Las Vegas

I don’t understand the phrase nor will you ever hear me say ‘I’m sick of Vegas’.  What does that even mean?  You hate fun?  People who don’t like Vegas probably don’t like me.  Vegas, cheese and black ensembles will forever be staples in my life.  There’s an energy that kisses my skin and makes my happy-go-lucky soul glow in the lights.  Sin City calls to my wild side and, as a Kodros, I certainly have one of those.  I love Disneyland and all but Vegas is a much happier place on earth.  I’ll take libations and dancing over crying children and long lines anyday.

There’s an anything can happen kind of hope that enters your heart when you get to Vegas.  It’s basically Narnia-just replace the snow with alcohol.  It’s an adult recess and let’s be honest-I don’t get nearly enough recess time these days.  I could only hope someone wth a whistle would come running into my life everyday at 11:30 so I could take a break to count rocks or play red rover.  If you have never played red rover, my childhood was better than yours.  #Fact

Crazy things happen in Vegas.  I was determined to see a wedding while I was in town and the married couple I was with refused to renew their vows, so I took it upon myself to fulfill my own wishes.  I met him in New York, New York.  We even have engagement photos.  So we were outside of this chapel and all I can picture is my mother. #lakme  She was giving me that face she gives when she thinks I’m being a total idiot mixed with a hint of disappointment.  So I ran.  Literally.  And that’s the story of how I almost got married to a man named Grant from Atlanta.

I love Vegas like I love ranch dressing.  The GOOD ranch dressing.  I just can’t help myself.  I’ll never get over it.  It’s the town of zero f@$!s.  Anything goes.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Life is hard and adulting certainly isn’t what I thought it was cracked out to be as a kid.  I’m not exactly sure where kids get this idea that being an adult is the business but there should be a seminar that spells it all out so there are no wrong ideas.  It should start somewhere around financial responsibility and end on buying toilet paper and the danger zone that is Target.  We all deserve an escape every now and again.  Even you.

I’d love to share more stories with you but we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Unless you’re one of my best friends.  Then you end up falling for him and moving in with him and planning a future together.  Weirdos.  Until next time Sin City.  xx


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