Amazing Grace

Somehow, Americans-and by Americans, I mean European originating people who took over a land mass already inhabited by natives, turned stealing into a holiday called Thanksgiving. We all sit at tables covered in the usual suspects to commemorate the day our ancestors decided to screw over the Indians and make a bunch of false promises. Please pass the potatoes.

How this evolved into a day of being grateful is beyond me, but here we are.  We get to think about all of the things we are thankful for and be gluttonous while doing so. And if America is good for anything, its overeating.  I’m sure half of you are in a food coma and/or have said, or at least thought, ‘I’m never eating again’.  Shut up.  You will, you always do.  I’m sure Aunt Jackie has had a bit too much Pinot Grigio (Roseanne reference anyone?), your nephew keeps sneaking the dogs M&Ms, your cousin is making you watch every YouTube video he has ever found amusing, your brother showed up with a girlfriend no one knew he had, someone has been punched in the face and everyone keeps asking you about your life and it’s enough to make you wanna Sylvia Plath yourself.  And if you want to make it real interesting, just add politics.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

In all seriousness, there truly is so much to be thankful for in this life.  I am thankful for crushed ice and warm fuzzy blankets and fireplaces. I am thankful for soft pretzels and hot sauce. I am thankful for conversation and honesty and taking the high road.  I am grateful for people who don’t make me want to become an assassin.  I am thankful for my friends and my imagination and my collection of buffalo plaid attire.  I AM SO BEYOND GRATEFUL FOR CHEESE!!!- cause who wants to be a size 2 anyway?  I am grateful for love and lights that twinkle and people who are polite. I am grateful for free parking, a good bra, candles, and champagne. I am thankful for people who know how a restaurant works and get it. I am thankful for Vegas and swimming pools and vacations. I love a good cider, sweet kisses and cool crisp air. I am thankful for the people in my life who have my back and have been there for me through the best of times and the worst of times.  I am so thankful for flip-flops.  I am thankful for the game Plinko, Alexander Skarsgard and my completely insane family.  I am grateful for you.  THANK YOU for reading…truly. If I haven’t already told you myself, it means the absolute world to me that anyone would take the time to read my occasionally incoherent babble. I mean, let’s be honest:  I’m a total idiot.

So be thankful for whatever it is you appreciate in your life today…maybe even try to be thankful tomorrow and the day after that. Go crazy in gratitude.  Gratitude your life away.  Just don’t tell someone that you’re gonna share with them and then, like, not.  That’s mean. It also makes you a liar.  Be better than the pilgrims I always say (I’ve never said that).  Get out there.  Share.  Care.  Be grateful. Gracias.


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