It’s almost 2017.  Another ball will drop, champagne sales will skyrocket, and then gyms will be at maximum capacity.  Have fun waiting for your typically available treadmill.  This will be the last post of the year and as I look back, I’m a bit thrown by it all.  A lot has happened.  I think it started with a gorilla in Cincinnati and ended somewhere in a galaxy far far away.  Many are claiming it’s the worst year of their existence and are staying up until midnight on the 31st just to watch 2016 die.  It’s a live execution and we all have front row seats.

When George R.R. Martin labels a year as ‘wretched’, it must be bad considering he’s the author of the infamous Red Wedding episode in Game of Thrones.  He’s clearly not a Cubs fan.  Some are furious with the election results.  Some were furious way before the results were in.  Some are mad because of Harambe, the gorilla who’s legacy shall never be forgotten it would seem.  So much so that 15,000 presidential votes went to Harambe who, I will remind you, is a dead animal.  It’s hard whether or not to define this choice as endearing, rebellious or entirely idiotic.  Some are overwhelmed by the pending 2017 Oscars and Grammys and the lengthy ‘In Memorium’ that will accompany each one.  Not to mention personal tribulations from health to family to relationships.  Apparently every planet in our galaxy was retrograding cause shit went down…Titanic style.

Personally, I can’t honestly say it’s been the worst year.  Yes, shitty things happened but shittier things could have happened that didn’t.  It may not be silver lining, but it’s at least aluminum lining.  Was it my favorite year?  Absolutely not.  Will next year be better?  God, I hope so.

As for New Year’s resolutions, why wait until the 1st?  Get on with it.  Life is shorter than you can imagine and if there is ANYTHING you are waiting to do, I suggest you don’t.  If you want something, you better be ready to fight for it because no one else is going to do it for you.  Believe me.  So whatever it is you want to achieve or conquer…take Nike’s advice and just do it already.  I know I am.

While 2016 wasn’t the highlight of my 33 years, I learned so very much.  I imagine I’m in for a lot of surprises.  Things I thought my future held are no longer so, which makes your guess as good as mine.  Marching into the unknown, I enter this next year with Jamaican bobsled team optimism and kid the night before Christmas enthusiasm.  I’ve got a lot to do and not a moment to spare.  To 2017, I say ‘come at me, bro’.

Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope when the clock turns midnight you get a kiss from someone special and/or are surrounded by people who make this whole life thing worthwhile.  I also hope you’ve saved enough surge money if you plan on taking an uber anywhere that night.  Cheers until we meet again next year!


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