The Most Alive

I am alive.  Galentine’s, once we got there, was a smash.  Between cancelled flights, changing airports, delays and whatever else, we ended up getting to Vegas almost 6 hours after intended.  All with smiles on our faces.  Nothing like the first day of vacation.  The trip home, however, was not as smiley.  More delays and all around mediocrity.  We almost called an Uber.  The Vegas airport was somewhat of a disaster.  If you think you’ve seen a bunch of grumpy travellers, just add hangovers.  It’s a still frame of complete and utter misery.   I’ve decided that I don’t think I can be with someone until I see how they deal with traffic and delayed flights.  It’s very telling.  If you can’t handle a layover in Phoenix, you certainly won’t be able to handle me.

Let’s see – what did I learn in Vegas?  Hotels should have a limit on how many hallways they are allowed to have.  Turns out I’m actually kind of shy and have zero game.  Don’t stay at a bad poker table – even if there’s a really cute guy from Texas sitting there with a smile that’ll straight melt your heart – he’s splitting 10s, get out while you can.  Give a girl a rose, and it’ll change her life.  One single rose.  That’s all it takes.  Forget the rest of the bouquet.  Red lips are great.  Getting rid of red lips, not so great.  Pizza is awesome.  I live like a Queen and act as if money has no value.  Seriously, you would think that I struck gold and am the recipient of a small oil fortune.  I turn into the Monopoly Man minus a monocle.

Getting back into the swing of things after being a total degenerate for 4 days is really hard.  If anyone has any tips on how to make that an easier transition PLEASE lmk immediately.   When you’ve been living your best hell to the yes life, it’s hard to go back to that no life.  I’ve been wearing my glasses more so than not.  I’m not sure if this is a sign I’ve given up or a declaration of adoration.  Have I reached the age where I’ve just let it all go?  What’s next? – house shoes and soap operas?  You ever look in the mirror and like really look at yourself?  I find myself doing that a lot lately – not in a narcissistic way but more of a ‘who are you?’ kind of way.  I’m still getting to know myself, even now.  It’s a lifelong process I suppose.

It’s also Oscars week, which means everything and everyone in this town has gone crazy.  Between that and not eating cheese, wish me luck.  Wishing everyone a magical weekend filled with pleasant surprises, cozy blankets, hugs that make you want to stay, love that lifts you up where you belong, laughter that makes your abs ache, sleep that actually makes you feel rested and all the things that make your heart smile.  It’s a good day to be alive.  You get out there and make the most of it.  Smile often, hug always, never go to bed angry and do whatever makes you feel the most alive.  Live everyday like the first day of vacation.  And find someone who handles delays and tangled lights like a champ.


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