Built to Last

I just want to preface this by saying there are NO Game of Thrones spoilers in blog.  But there should be.  Honestly, I love how people actually have the gall to be upset.  It is not my fault you couldn’t watch the game.  When I missed the 2018 women’s Olympic gold medal hockey match – you better believe I took precautions so I wouldn’t know who won.  Why?  Because that’s on me.  Because I am an adult who takes responsibility for herself (like 75% of the time).  Like what are you more upset about?  The fact that you couldn’t watch with the rest of the world or your inability to stay off of social media because scrolling is your meth?  And that’s for the people who are an episode behind.  If you’re seasons behind…I have no words for you.  You’ve had a decade.  Get it together.  Why is your lack of priorities everyone else’s problem?  Here’s how ridiculous I think all of this is:  it would be like if I opted to not watch the 2020 election and then woke up the next morning not only upset, but in disbelief that there were spoilers everywhere.  Keep up people – the world waits for no one.  I have a friend foaming at the mouth somewhere in San Jose right now HA – LOVE YOU!

So moving along, I am one of those people that wears, uses and holds on to things until they break, fall apart or I lose them.  I don’t know what this says about me or when exactly this started.  Personally, I like to think it’s a loyalty thing but maybe I’m a stage 1 hoarder.  I’ve been around long enough to know that most things don’t last forever.  When I find something I like, I buy it in bulk.  I get so nervous about things getting discontinued that I stockpile like some kind of psycho squirrel preparing for winter.  I’m like the old lady who talks about and longs for things that don’t exist anymore – like chivalry and rock n’ roll and my abs.  Everything is temporary they say.  I wish things were made the way they used to be – built to last.

Nothing is built to last anymore.  It’s built to get the job done.  It’s built to make do.  It’s built to make a buck.  It’s not built for the long haul.  It’s not built with intention.  It’s not built to endure.  From houses to cars to relationships, they’re designed to last for awhile but not to withstand the test of time.  And we all wonder why there are so many people with commitment issues.  We live in the age of cookie-cutter, money starved, output driven mass production.  Quantity over quality.  Sure don’t make ’em like they used to.  The age of the lifetime warranty is behind us.  Nothing is permanent anymore – not even tattoos.  The world is constantly evolving and time stops for no one – the one piece of currency no one can buy.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed – that’s the mindset we live in.  Live in the now – that’s what we’re told.  And I am all about living for the moment – there’s nothing wrong with that.  Carpe your diem so hard, but let us not forgo quality because of it.  Antiquing might be one of my favorite things to do – and no I am not talking about when you throw flour in someone’s face, I’m talking about old school items for purchase.  When things were built from the soul and custom made – not because that’s what someone wanted  but because that’s the way things were.  I am in love with all things vintage.  Vintage was made with love.  Vintage is where one-of-a-kinds originated.  Vintage is about the heart of something.  Vintage meant it had a history, a story.  Vintage is proof that things can last.

The mentality that nothing lasts forever breaks my heart.  It makes everything seem unimportant and futile.  I won’t stand for it.  And maybe I am delusional – valid assessment – but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking forward to tomorrow and having hope for a future.  Yes, things break.  Things get lost.  Things change.  Things get replaced.  Time ticks on.  While all of these things are true, I still want to believe in forever.  I understand the reality of the short time we have here but the optimist in me wants more.  I will wait for what’s built to last.  Not just today, not until tomorrow but until death do us part.  I have the right to believe in that.  It’s the dreamer in me.  Give me that lifetime guarantee.  I’m all in.

NEIGHBOR UPDATE:  For those of you who are curious, they’ve put a hold on their antics as of late, however it does sound like they move a 500 pound vault from one side of the apartment to the other every hour on the hour.  Either that or they installed a bowling lane.  At this point, I feel like they’re intentionally trying to mess with me.



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