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If you weren’t at my house last night, be very sad you missed the undiscovered talent showcase my neighbors hosted in their apartment with a FULL band.  Drum set and all.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  I would also like to point out that not all of my neighbors are mutants.  I also have neighbors that text me at 3am to tell me they just baked cookies if I’m hungry.  There really are angels around me.  On that note, I was attacked by a homeless person this past week as he came screaming obscenities in my face and grabbing my jacket for no other reason I could conclude beyond that I exist.  Super fun experience.  Mental health is awesome.  The best part is that no one did a single thing.  No one.  And there were people around.  A guy my age watched it happen and proceeded to walk by avoiding eye contact.  And that was the moment I realized chivalry is truly and most definitely dead.  I’m going to move to an island one day and you will have to fill out an application to come ashore.  It’ll be the best island there ever was in the history of forever which is why most people won’t be invited.

While I’m still dancing in the aftermath of the first Blues Stanley Cup, it is now the season of the World Cup.  USA is looking strong.  Too strong?  Here are my personal thoughts on the Thailand game in which the USA won 13-0.  I understand the World Cup is what dreams are made of, I understand the colossal stage they’re on and how hard they worked to get there.  I also understand grace and humility, and I would expect that from any man, woman or child.  Abby Wombat, who I admire immensely was defending the celebratory onslaught of goals and I must say I disagree.  I understand goal differentials matter in the World Cup tournament so I don’t fault them for the 13 goals, however the gloating and sliding across the field (and that was after the 9th goal) seemed tasteless in my quite literal humble opinion.  Not that my opinion matters – it rarely does, but I think at some point after 7 goals, you use those three substitutions to put in a few of the girls that won’t get much playing time and let them revel in the opportunity to be on the field.  You’re the defending champs – act like you’ve been there.  I think how you behave in the midst of others’ misfortune says a lot about who you are.  If you want to insert your dominance, do it professionally.  I am not saying they should have lowered their level of playing by any means but show little girls around the world what sportsmanship looks like.  Be the embodiment of the discipline, respect and maturity it required to get there.  Don’t kick other women while they are down.  Put yourselves in Thailand’s cleats.

You have to be very careful how you treat people.  There are people I’ve come across once and that is my one and only impression of them.  Some of them aren’t good.  Sometimes you only get one chance.  Sometimes your first impression is the only one you get.  I am sometimes told that I am too nice, to the point that I let people walk all over me.  To the people who think that, perhaps I just tread a little lighter than you.  I don’t need to stomp all around to get my point across.  I choose my conflicts wisely.  If you spend your time looking around for reasons to be angry, disgruntled or to feel inadequate, good luck in that cesspool.  No thank you.  I will never apologize for not being combative so know that if I ever am, you brought me there.  I think that’s why I stopped watching reality TV.  It’s all a bunch of crap that doesn’t matter.  I want my life and my time and what I do with it TO MATTER.  Also, if you think I’m too nice, I’m not.  Meet my sister.  She’s the nice one.  I’m a monster compared to her.

I was discussing the other day how your first impression of someone changes as you get to know them.  Of course you see someone and immediately you find them attractive or not.  That’s how our brains work.  What I find interesting is how that initial assessment of someone changes as you discover what makes them tick.  I’ve met BEAUTIFUL people who’ve become so ugly with time and vice versa.  To love someone, you have to actually get to know them – and that takes time.  People are so much more than a face, than a career, than a photo.  Be beautiful on the inside and out.  Be the best version of yourself.  Be the kind of person you’re looking for.  Offer kindness, exemplify humility and carry yourself with as much grace as Helen Mirren.  Treat people like you would want them to treat your son or daughter, brother or sister, and friends.  And then MAYBE you’ll get an invite to my island…maybe.  XX




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