Up & Away

Happy day after Halloween.  Where are your pants?  I’m kidding.  To have lost your pants you would have actually had to have been wearing some.  Living in LA it’s like – is that a costume or is that just you?  Are you even anything or is this just a tribute to your gym membership?  Do you even lift bro?  Who knows.   It was brought to my attention that many neighborhoods across America changed the day of trick-or-treating because of weather.  I wish you could see my face right now.  Have we ALL forgotten how to use an umbrella??  You can’t just change Halloween.  That’s not how this works.  That’s not how any of this works.  You keep playing.  You weather the storm.  You face the circumstances.  You want the candy?  You get out there and GET SOME.  We can’t be changing dates and traditions running amuck like a bunch of coddled bubble-taped spinsters.  We’re getting soft people.  Our children can’t grow up thinking they can bend anything to their will or the world will chew them apart and spit em out.  Use your spines!  Gear up!

I’m having a ‘ya know what really grinds my gears?’ kind of week.  They are redoing Clueless.  I don’t mean to be a traitor to my generation or anything but a Clueless remake?!  As if!!  The 90s were why Clueless was so great.  The Noxema, the pagers, the jeeps, the cliques.  Stop trying to fix what isn’t broken.  People get riled up about Starbucks cups, I can’t imagine a girl falling in love with her step brother is going to go over very well in 2018 no matter what it’s based off on.  Clueless wouldn’t work today. Smoking pot isn’t avant garde anymore.  NOT smoking pot is avant garde now.  Everyone is a stoner.  And Josh would never have had to come pick her up because she would have called an Uber.  I hope I’m wrong.  Maybe it’ll be fantastic.  Maybe they’ll focus on the culture of American Gypsies living in SoCal.  That could be a twist I could get behind.  If you don’t watch My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding – I highly recommend it.  Especially if you think your life is a toilet bowl or you’re having a bad day.

Stop reinventing the wheel.  Pump it on the remakes.  Beyond the obvious question of WHY, am I just going to spend the rest of my life watching remakes?  I won’t stand for it.  Only one thing in this world needs to be remade and it’s episodes 1-3 of Star Wars.  I don’t think I’ll find a single person who disagrees with that.  Jar Jar nonsense is what all that was.  Can we find it in ourselves to be inventive?  Or at least wait until the originally intended target generation is dead?  I say all of this and realize A Star is Born is a remake but they at least gave it forty years.  Be inventive, be creative.  Write new stories, sing new songs, let’s unearth what is yet to be discovered!  I am not going to Pleasantville my life away.  The world is so full of life and ideas and energy and wonder – I get so sad when we keep reinventing the past as if we’ve lost our sense to dream the things never dreamt.  To live is to create.  I want to forge a path that’s never been explored, not rebuild the road everyone has traveled.  I want to build roads in the clouds.

I’m not exactly sure what the theme is this week beyond me rambling like some kind of drunk uncle.  It’s a bit of a yo-yo this one, which makes sense if you know me.  I’m a weirdo.  Who cares.  Way better than being cool, I’ll tell you that much.  I am leaving for Costa Rica in just over a month and for that reason I am under financial lockdown which has turned me into quite the old lady.  I’ve been eating pea soup for two weeks.  Chicken tortilla is on deck.  Thank god I love soup.  While we are on the topic of food, if you do not follow me on social media, I would like to inform you that peanut butter does indeed expire and it tastes like dust mites and crotch kicks.  Also, trying to get peanut butter out of your mouth is trickery.  What a disaster.  Not spending money has me spending a lot of time at home in my batcave.  Reading, writing, cooking and diffusing.  Oh what a wild woman I am these days.  xx



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